Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's Amazing What a Little Love Can Do

“Suddenly it’s like the weight is lifted, when you hear the words that you are loved.”

Natalie Grant


A little bit of love. Do you know what it can do for your life? For your heart? It’s amazing.


Have you ever been in love? Remember the feeling like it’s really hard to stay on the ground? Like your heart is so full that it seems you just have to fly? Like you could do anything you tried, like you could handle any problem as if it was no problem at all? Because someone loves you, thinks you’re beautiful, thinks you’re special and deserve to know it?


Never mind if you’ve never been in love. Remember when that person you really wanted to know reached out to you on their own? Remember when someone you liked first told you they really liked you too? Remember when someone went out of their way just to let you know they thought you were really special?


Remember when you were walking through such a dark time in your life that even when you smiled it didn’t go to your eyes, and most times you just couldn’t smile at all? Remember when you were so hurting that no one seemed to see you at all, and you were lonelier than ever because you were afraid to reach out in case it would just mean more rejection? Remember when it seemed that there would not be any more joy, because the pain just wouldn’t go away and  you knew it would be your constant companion, giving joy of the future no chance to reach your heart?


Remember when someone did see? Remember when someone said they understood and you suddenly realized—they really did? Remember when you realized the look in their eyes meant they were feeling your pain because they understood, they cared about you, they hurt for you because you were worth it? Remember when it suddenly, it was as if the pain you couldn’t shake seemed like maybe it was yesterday? That the hopelessness of a moment ago was drifting away like clouds before a steady wind? That there was joy in the future, and it just might be for you?  Remember when suddenly, it was no longer foolish to dream, and you wanted to share the freshness that suddenly, inexplicable, brilliantly stole into your soul?



A little bit of love is all it takes.



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