Wednesday, December 10, 2008

For now, for now

For now, for now

The torrent is dammed.

The river races another channel

than the path down my face,

winding now in hidden caverns

in the echoing dark of my soul.

The raging, stormy waters that pooled

at my feet

and washed the black from my eyes—

Torn in anguished sobs and bitter pain

of yet-willing surrender—

This heaving flood has entered

a wider plain.

The fight shallows, the struggle calms

at the entrance to a broad


This river never dries, never ends, and

there are still tears that will well

Washing out the traces of pain, of

sorrow, gently carrying the broken

pieces of the toppled edifice

to a foreign god.

When at last they are washed away,

The final tears will bring balm

and healing, until only a place of

tender strength remains to mark the place

of the great battle and the great storm.

There are still tears to be cried

Gently welling, gently spilling

sometimes still in a burst of stinging pain.

For now, tho, for now,

The torrent is dammed.


Keenan said...

Will the waters ever, honestly, be looked on as anything but terrifying and harsh? Cruel and cold?

Will they ever bring healing?

Ali, you inspire some kind of hope... Thank you for that.

Faith said...

This is beautiful, as are you. I love you.

Lauralei said...

I can only repeat what others can say, for I cannot find the words to describe how this makes me feel when I read it. You, my friend, are a beautiful writer, and a beautiful person.

Rach said...

You pulled me into a place that I haven't been for a long while with this piece-

Ali this is beautiful-